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Preparation Course for The TOEFL® Course TestBest's academic team led by former TOEFL® test designers will help you pass the TOEFL® test on your first try.

IELTS Course Our IELTS preparation course is designed with English language learners in mind.

TestBest Class Learn English anytime, anywhere with TestBest Class. It is like having a US teacher in your pocket.

TestBest Open Class Classes create real-life US scenarios such as traveling and immigration to help students practice what they learn.

Certified US teachers

All of our teachers are US certified with experience in teaching English internationally, and have gone through a highly competitive interviewing process.

Meet the TestBest expert team

1-on-1 instruction via App

TestBest's own in-house developed App not only provides teachers and students with a video conferencing platform, it also integrates online testing, homework revision functions, built-in class preparation and reminders. The TestBest App is easy-to-use, time-saving, and will improve your overall study effectiveness.

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Brand new teaching concept

TestBest's online classes improve student test scores, while at the same time infusing American culture and thought to help students to adapt to life in America and integrate into the communities fast.

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3-to-1 teaching methodology

TestBest's commitment to service

All TestBest's US teachers are TESOL certified

All TestBest's signed students will receive 1-on-1 study report throughout the study process

All TestBest's signed students will receive free comments and feedback on their writing and speaking exercises within 10 hours

All TestBest's online students will enjoy 1-on-1 tutoring by Chinese Teaching Assistants throughout the study process