The TestBest Methodology
TestBest Advantages come from the combination of these 7 things:
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  1. Content advantage: TestBest has the highest-quality education content from world-class publishers which is the foundation of our materials.
  2. Curriculum Standardization: TestBest has an internal Research and Development team that creates all of our lesson plans allowing students to have a seamless study process with guided progression.
  3. Diverse Technology: TestBest has both individual study apps and a live immersive classroom platform which can accommodate any study preference or location.
  4. Local and U.S. Teachers: Local teachers cooperate with U.S. teachers focusing on each of their strengths, both test taking strategy and fundamental understanding of the material.
  5. Faculty advantage: 300+ accredited U.S. teachers with masters’ degrees or higher.
  6. Admission advantage: Provide universities and high schools with video and real classroom based student performance instead of just a snapshot of a standardized test score.
  7. Geographic coverage: Our technology allows us to teach students all over the world.
Seamless Guidance Through a Student’s Academic Path
We help you with the steps to academic success!
TestBest is a full-service company that can offer everything students need to prepare to study abroad. Our products include courses for standardized tests, accredited courses, admissions services and extracurricular programs. Students are able to start at any part of the process depending on their age and what their needs and goals are long-term. Whatever students need, we are here to help.
Academic Path
Academic Path
TestBest Study Process
The TestBest Study Process combines a diverse set of tools that help students maximize their learning experience.
Study Process #1
Professional evaluations allow students to know exactly what their level is and what courses should be taken.
Study Process #2
Throughout their study, students utilize curriculum developed by the TestBest education research and development team. This team is made up of international and U.S. teachers to provide high-quality content that is localized for each country.
Study Process #3
Our blended learning method includes online and offline study options. Students can come study at our training center if they prefer in-person lessons.
Study Process #4
For studying anytime anywhere, students can study in the TestBest online immersive classroom which provides an interactive learning experience just like they are there in person with the teacher.
Study Process #5
Our highly trained teaching assistants help guide students through the study process, provide support and homework help, and organize class schedules and materials.
Study Process #6
We are always providing feedback so students understand how they are progressing and how to improve in the future.
Study Process
Product Advantages
TestBest delivers our education services through our in-house-developed technology products.
Product Advantages
Product Advantages
Product Advantages
Benefits of TestBest Teachers
By leveraging the strengths of local and U.S. teachers during our teaching process, TestBest creates an ecosystem for students that leads to short-term results and long-term success. Curriculum is developed in the U.S. and localized by teachers in countries around the world.
TestBest Teacher
TestBest only hires U.S.-certified teachers with at least a master's degree and an average of 8 years teaching experience. TestBest has hundreds of top-quality teachers.
  • Western teaching techniques emphasize interaction and discussion to create a foundational understanding of the material being taught.
  • The experience of being in a real U.S. classroom environment to provide the skills necessary to be successful when attending school in the United States.
TestBest Teacher
TestBest only hires local teachers with extensive teaching experience to localize our education curriculum and techniques for students in countries around the world.
  • Eastern teaching techniques emphasize repetition and memorization.
  • Local teachers focus on test taking strategies so students can maximize their scores.
TestBest Teacher
TestBest only hires local teachers with extensive teaching experience to localize our education curriculum and techniques for students in countries around the world.
  • Teaching assistants provide additional support for answering questions, homework help, coordinating class materials, and scheduling.
TestBest Teacher
Successful Students
  • Students that perform well on tests
  • Students that are familiar with U.S. classrooms and can be successful at U.S. schools.
  • Students that can think critically, and quickly gain a deep understanding of new material.
TestBest Teachers
Admission Process
TestBest offers comprehensive services at every phase of the application and admissions process to increase students’ chances of admission while keeping them and their families informed throughout the process. We merge our expertise and experience with students’ drive for success. Here’s how:
Admission Process
Admission Process
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