This is a new powerful APP designed by technology and education experts to help students learn English and study for the TOEFL and IELTS Exam! Grades are provided for all four sections, including Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. It is the only APP in the world that provides feedback for every submitted Writing and Speaking response after it has been reviewed by the real US Teachers with a minimum of a Master’s degree. Connect to the world’s best teachers right on your phone!

Receive detailed grades, comments. and suggestions from US Teachers with Master’s Degrees.


Set Goals and study timelines to track your progress.


Real data to help you study anytime, anywhere!

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TestBest Class
TestBest Class allows students all over the world to experience an authentic U.S. classroom.

Taught by real U.S. teachers live.


Classes can be taken in the APP on your smart phone or using our desktop platform.


The immersive environment has real time video/audio connection, chat feature, and a white board that students and teachers can annotate on.


Teachers can administer quizzes and test directly through the platform.

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