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TestBest Preparation

for the TOEFL® Test

Course Designed and Led

by former TOEFL® Test Makers

What you MUST know about the TOEFL® Test

Better understanding, more chances for success

The TOEFL® test Registration Fee

  • Registration Fee

    RMB 1,761

  • Late Registration Fee

    RMB 288

  • Re-scheduling Fee

    RMB 576

Regular registration should be submitted 7 days prior to test date (excluding test day); late registration refers to registration submitted 3 to 7 days prior to test date (excluding test day). Late registration is subject to a late registration fee of RMB288. Deadline for registration is 3 days prior to test date.
As test centers all have limited seat availability, it is suggested for test takers to pre-register for an account and charge it with enough credit for test registration. Once a test opens up, seats run out very fast, therefore it is super important for test takers to have enough credit in their account beforehand as only accounts with sufficient credit can access test information.

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TestBest's Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test Advantages

Technology improves efficiency

  • TestBest has a large database of questions

    Our thousands of questions have been selected by TestBest experts to maximize student progress and raise test scores.

  • Always available

    Student's homework data is available across all of their Web and Mobile Devices.

  • Students receive detailed feedback on homework

    Students receive feedback and suggestions for improvement from US teachers.

  • Proficiency evaluation

    Students can take practice test anytime, and have test results promptly evaluated by US teachers.

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Formulate study plan

Each step in the teaching process has been well designed.

  • Professional evaluation by US teachers

  • Chinese teachers formulate the study plan

  • 1-on-1 online teaching

  • Teaching assistant follows up during the course

  • Result feedback

TestBest sees the uniqueness of each student and offers them a full set of study plan and guidance from day 1. At TestBest, studying, testing, evaluation and practice tests are all integrated into an effective and efficient study package helping test-takers to find their own path towards success.
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What countries accept The TOEFL® Test?

Many countries, the choice is yours

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Preparation for the TOEFL® Test Course Structure

Customized study plan for each student

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