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TestBest IELTS

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What you MUST know about IELTS

Better understanding, more chances for success

IELTS Registration Fee

  • Registration Fee

    RMB 1,920

  • Re-scheduling Fee

    RMB 420

  • Cancellation Fee

    RMB 420

Registration for IELTS Academic in China costs RMB1960, online UKVI testing costs RMB2070 and registration could only be submitted via NEEA official website. Test registration fee goes up by 5% - 10% every year. In 2015 - 2016, registration fee was RMB1860 and in 2014- 2015 it was RMB1750. Averaging at 2-3 tests taken per test taker, each test taker will spend RMB5000 on test registration alone.

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What countries accept IELTS?

Many countries, the choice is yours

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TestBest's IELTS Advantages

Technology improves efficiency

Professional test question bank

TestBest's R&D team has independently developed thousands of sets of IELTS practice tests, standing out from traditional training schools that solely rely on past IELTS test questions and Cambridge tests.

Synchronized exercises

Student's homework data is synchronized across PC and mobile devices. Teachers track student progress in real-time, through our advanced technological offerings.

Detailed homework feedback

Teachers will provide feedback on writing and speaking exercises promptly, saving students time and money, and ensuring students and parents can use their time efficiently.

Proficiency evaluation

During and after course completion, students will take full online IELTS practice tests in order to accurately measures their improvement.

Online practice test

During the study process, students can get in touch with US teachers anytime via TestBest APP to discuss their questions and concerns with the teachers and receive feedback.

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Free, Flexible, Professional and Efficient

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Formulate study plan

Our teaching process is personalized to the needs of the students.

  • Professional evaluation by US teachers

  • Chinese teachers to formulate a study plan

  • 1-on-1 online teaching

  • Teaching assistant follows up

  • Study result evaluation

TestBest sees the uniqueness of each student and offers them a full set of study plan and guidance from day 1. At TestBest, studying, testing, evaluation and practice tests are all integrated into an effective and efficient study package, designed to help students find their own path towards success.
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IELTS Course Structure

Customized study plan for each student

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