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Expert linguistics professor from the US

Success starts from embarking on the right track

Senior Academic Advisor

Robyn Brinks Lockwood

Professor of Linguistics from Stanford University, with a specialization in comparison and analysis of English by language learners.

Advisor of "US Language and Culture" summer course at Standford.

TESOL board member, has given numerous speeches on TESOL international and regional conferences; Chairwoman at TESOL Press; former chairwoman of TESOL Materials Writers Interest Section

Has written many books, online courses and video programs and teacher's manuals for TOEFL and for English language education in general

Has published with MacMillan Education, University of Michigan Press, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill

Core academic team from elite universities

Teaching materials complied with years of first-hand teaching experience

David Cook

Master in Education from San Francisco State University

11 years of teaching experience

Specialty: Distance education design and implementation. Goal oriented teaching, blended learning approaches, innovative ADDIE Instructional Model

Jason Deane

MA in Creative Writing from California State University

10 years of teaching experience

English Writing Instructor at California State University, Chico. Academic oriented, specializes in high level writing instruction

Clare Giraro

Master of Education from University of West Georgia

25 years of teaching experience

Taught TOEFL/IELTS in California, Europe and China. She encourages maximum student involvement in classroom, believing the process of making mistakes is the process of learning.

Karen Danesi

MA Education from SUNY, Buffalo

11 years of teaching experience

Taught for 17 years from preschool to Grade 12. Taught 4 subjects including English and ESL. Teaching method based on inquiry, allowing students' innate curiosity to lead learning while always questioning and seeing their answers.

Star US Teachers

Pave the way for YOUR success with our hard work

  • Paul Sadler

    -I teach Economics, History in University of Arizona. I have also taught academic writing for the University of Phoenix

    -25 years of teaching university level subject matters

    -Tight teaching style, wide scope of professional experience

  • Rachel Cabrera

    -MA of Education from University of Detroit

    -7 years of English language teaching, engaged in standardized testing research

    -Humorous, accessible, specializes in test design

  • Kyle Egan

    -Education Degree from Texas Adam and Mary University

    -8 years of teaching science subjects, participated in Teaching Methodology Project for Newcomers

    -English language training for science subjects, SAT writing

  • Amy Tichy

    -MA in English Language

    -7 years of experience

    -Spoken English, pronunciation and intonation drills

  • Nathan Sundt

    -Master of Science Education

    -15 years of teaching experience

    -Speaking training, high school science

  • Malinda Harrell

    -Master of Education

    -15 years of teaching experience, K-12 subject matter teaching expert

    -Reading specialist, high school academic reading understanding

Overseas Star Chinese Teachers

All outstanding experts in language education


Education Psychology from University of New South Wales

8 years of teaching experience

Chinese academic director
Specialty: speaking section in all tests
Can adjust teaching style to best suit the student


Master from University of Tasmania

6 years of teaching experience

Chinese course designer
Specialty: IELTS and TOEFL writing, high scoring IELTS reading