Principles for cooperation
Our value system is "Credit is priceless, honesty bring prosperity", and we continuously do our best to improve the quality of our products and services.
Competition and cooperation
"Competition and cooperation" are the business standards we aim for to achieve win-win scenarios with our partners. We are constantly working toward improving our "competitive and cooperative" advantage, , both within and without.
Seeking partners
1. Language training
TestBest can offer high-end language training course resources to improve your market share and profit. We provide the best support to our partner institutions including free training, consultation, and guidance by Chinese and US teachers at every step. We also have established partnerships with school placement institutions with a focus on preparing students for the business world.
2. Independent representatives
Contact us, if you have language training student resources or student recruitment networks.
3. Commercial institution
TestBest’s partners and shares resources with international schools, financial institutions, insurance companies and other domestic commercial institutions that are related to international education and service.