About Us

Founded and headquartered in the United States, TestBest is an International Education Institution committed to improving access to high quality education and training for international students.

Unifying experts in international education and technology development from the United States and abroad, TestBest provides best-in-class preparation and admissions services for students and institutions. By unifying education, test preparation, and institutional relations, TestBest is able to work with students over long periods of training to highlight their true capacity and bring forward well-rounded, bright, enthusiastic learners. Ultimately, TestBest empowers students and schools to find the best fit by improving transparency and information exchange.

In addition to our Chico, CA headquarters, TestBest maintains offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, and Austin.

From the USA,
TestBest's aim is to bring real American education to Chinese students.

US education experts
Professors from top notch universities
Frontline US and Chinese star teachers

With the latest technology,
we are devoted to introducing quality US education resources,
and to optimize the existing teaching methodology.